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Nebraska Corn Kernels: Growing Season

Nebraska Corn Kernels: Growing SeasonAre you ready for Growing Season?!
We’re not talking about the actual growing season of our crops, this Growing Season is a yearlong documentary mini-series about the Bartak family from Anselmo, Nebraska and their job of growing a crop for this year’s harvest.

This series follows the challenges of the Bartaks throughout a year’s time, with monthly episodes to keep viewers updated on the progress of the farm. Once a month a new episode will be uploaded to the web for viewers and followers to watch and interact with one another. Some of the activities in the series include: planting, spraying, harvest, branding, auction of cattle, chores, weather, celebrations, emotions, and, hopefully, a successful Growing Season

They take a behind-the-scenes look at the agriculture community and really see all of the struggles, conflicts, victories, and successes that are entangled into a growing season. Their goal is to get a better grasp of the different challenges each farmer faces.

​Farmers and non-farmers alike will be able to enjoy and share in the experiences with the Bartaks as they tackle this year’s Growing Season. The show is produced and supported by Cooperative Producers, Inc. (CPI) coop and is a great educational tool to see how new products actually work on the farm, test the precision ag technologies, watch how crops go from seed to yield, and then off to your table. This story embraces the importance of family, friendships, and the ability to work extremely hard for a goal. Everyone coming together, struggling to make it, to accomplish their goal.

Check out the teaser below – or any of their quick clips on YouTube.
The season premiere is tomorrow, Thursday April, 4 2013 at 7pm CST onwww.itsgrowingseason.com.

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